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Icebolethu Funerals UK provides the funeral services and repatriation set out in the Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Plans. Premiums must be up to date to process a claim. This also includes top-up covers: catering and tombstone cover with a standard 6 months waiting period. Icebolethu Funerals does not pay out cash. There is no joining fee. People with a South African ID are eligible to join. There are no age restrictions. There are no Doctor examinations. Members aged between 16-64 years have a 3 months waiting period. Members aged between 65-84 years have a 6 months waiting period. Members aged between 85 years and above have a 12 months waiting period. Premiums are paid monthly or annually. Payment is due on the same date every month. If premium isn’t received for 2 consecutive months 7 days or within 7 days of the chosen date, the policy will lapse. Accidental deaths are immediately covered. Suicidal deaths have a 24 month waiting period. In the event of death, contact Icebolethu Funerals UK on 07496420932 or +44(0)2030594581 to fetch and store the deceased. Claim submissions must be accompanied by original documents (or certified copies) within 6 months of death. The service guarantee only applies if premium is up to date.