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My mom went into the hospital around 6pm on Thursday night. By 9am the following day we heard the news that she has passed. You can imagine the shock we had…

your mind stops working when things like these happen.

My sister messaged Sne Mcoyi of Icebolethu funerals and within an hour my mother’s body was collected from the hospital. The hospital was already giving pressure saying they don’t have beds, and that we would need to collect mama.

From then on Icebolethu organised everything within 3 days. My mother needed to be buried within 5 days and some of those days fell on a weekend. We have been stuck in the UK due to COVID-19 restrictions so we relied solely on our communication with the Icebolethu reps.

I will mention Monica, Nathi, and Sne, who deal with tombstones and Sne Mcoyi, amongst others who were working behind the scenes. The decorators, drivers, everyone who made sure our mother’s funeral was dignified. Everyone we spoke to was professional, patient and competent.

There are no words really to express our gratitude to Icebolethu Funerals. Nomfundo Mcoyi, thank you sisi for your vision. May God bless you all.

— From Seka, Lin, Zizipho and all the Mateyisi family.