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Message from GM of UK Sne Mcoyi.

In seven years as the Icebolethu Funerals UK, we have managed to create a blueprint for what repatriation services should be.

Our bold moves in the last seven years have changed the landscape that have also made our competitors also follow in our foot-steps, and while we remain an innovative company, we take it as an affirmation compliment that our innovative business ideas, have impacted industry practices at large and made every company in the sector where we are involved to ultimately offer the most important person in the value chain our clients’, more value for their money.

What you see is a reflection of many sleepless days and nights of team effort at Icebolethu Funerals UK. I would like to acknowledge AmeCebo Amahle, my diverse team in the UK, who are from various parts of SADC themselves, and who are the foot soldiers in distributing and expanding the brand on the ground.

I would also like to give special mention to my Team leader who has been a tremendous support. Also it goes without saying giving recognition to our leadership, CEO, our board, Managing Executive, and the entire executive team as they are the pioneers and driving force behind our international office.